Virtual Event

OpenInfra Day Turkey 2020 will be held on a virtual platform at

Virtual platforms offer almost real event experience with the help of 3D conference halls, booth areas, networking rooms and information desks.

Real Event Ambiance

Online events give an experience of a real event ambiance moving physical events into a digital atmosphere. You can experience what you expect from an event, and even more on an online platform.

Easy Access

Our user friendly online events are accessible from computer, tablet and mobile phones, supporting all browsers. Both the organizator and the participant firms can manage and involve the event online. You can gather masses from all around the world online in one platform.

Modern Technology

Online events are a digital way of events combining modern technology with never ending developments. You can get fast and practical results from the virtual events of the digital world.

High Visitor Capacity

With the strong capacity of the system, limited capacity of the physical events goes unlimited with virtual events. The system is capable of hosting thousands of visitors simultaneously without any further development.

Live Chat & Video

Representatives of participant firms can interact simultaneously with the visitors live on the stands. Live chats and video meetings occur in a digital environment that provides you to make the right assessment and get efficient results.

Live Seminar and Conferences

Live seminars and conferences can be organized on an online platform. These events are significant areas for the visitors that can be used by both the participant firms and the organizators for presentation and connecting with the masses besides the stands.